Production Salinity

Coming Soon This map is coming soon! Thank you for your patience. We are currently working on making this map available online. Please check this

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Northern Guam Terrain

About The Northern Guam terrain analysis applied spatial analysis flow direction and slope analysis. It is overlain with the plateau basins and surface depression areas.

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Surface Hydrology

About This map shows the plateau basins with their CHamoru names. Other Versions Click on the icon to view the LiDAR Imagery version of the

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Nitrate-N and Sources

About This map illustrates the nitrate concentrations in production wells. The contents of this analysis overlays the map of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer (NGLA).

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About The Northern Guam Lens Aquifer (NGLA) is Guam’s major source of utility water, from which military and government of Guam draw up to 90%

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