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WERI Collection of Recommended Reports

No.AuthorYearTitlePub IDAgency
1J.F. Mink1976Groundwater Resources of Guam: Occurrence and DevelopmentWERI TR 1WERI
2R.A. Stephenson1979Freshwater Use Customs on Guam: An Exploratory StudyWERI TR 8WERI
3BCG and J.F. Mink1992Groundwater in Northern Guam Sustainable Yield and Ground Water Development, Final Engineering ReportPUAG 1PUAG
4T.W. Hylton2012Guam Water Resources Management ReviewUSN 1USN
5S.B. Gingerich2003Hydrologic Resources of GuamWRIR 03-4126USGS
6J.F. Mink and Yuen, Inc.2004Assessment of Viability of Groundwater and Surface Water Resources for the Guam Water Authority Water Resrouces Master PlanGWA WRMP 1GWA
7BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Groundwater Management AlternativesNGLS 2GEPA
8BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Groundwater Management ProgramNGLS 1GEPA
9BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Aquifer Yield ReportNGLS 3GEPA
10BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Aquifer Yield Report, Appendix A Data ReportNGLS 4GEPA
11J.B. Branch, J.F. Mink, J. Worlund, BHA, CDM1982Summary Report Northern Guam Lens StudyNGLS 5GEPA
12GWA2007Water Resources Master Plan: Volume 1 - General Overview; Volume 2 - Drinking Water; Volume 3 - WastewaterWRMP 1 2 3GWA
13J.I. Tracey, S.O. Schlanger, J.T. Stark, D.B. Doan, and H.G. May1964General Geology of GuamUSGS 403AUSDOI, USGS
14US Department of the Interior Geological Survey1985Mapping of a Buried Surface beneath Limestone in Agat, Territory of Guam using Electromagnetic profiling techniquesOpen-File Report 85-124USDOI, USGS

Northern Guam Lens Study 1982

AuthorYearTitlePub IDKey Words
BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Groundwater Management AlternativesNGLS 2Groundwater management alternatives, Northern Guam Lens Study
BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Groundwater Management ProgramNGLS 1Groundwater management program, Northern Guam Lens Study
BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Aquifer Yield ReportNGLS 3Aquifer Yield, Northern Guam Lens Study
BHA & Assoc., Inc., CDM, Inc.1982Aquifer Yield Report, Appendix A Data ReportNGLS 4Aquifer Yield, Northern Guam Lens Study, Data
J.B. Branch, J.F. Mink, J. Worlund, BHA, CDM1982Summary Report Northern Guam Lens StudyNGLS 5Summary report, Northern Guam Lens Study

WERI Technical Reports (or via WERI website)

AuthorYearTitle (link)Pub IDKey Words
J.D. Rouse2016Biofilm Pilot Study for Sewage Treatment with Composting of Waste Sludge on YapWERI TR 161Biofilm, Sewage Treatment, Sludge, Yap
M. Kottermair, D. Taborosi, J.W. Jenson2016A Field Study of Freshwater Resources on Ifalik and Eauripik Atolls, Yap State, FSMWERI TR 157Rainwater, Groundwater, Yap, FSM
M.T. Nadeau, G.R.W. Denton2016Nutrient Assessment of Togcha River, Estuary & Bay: Use of Dominant Sedimentary Phosphorus (P) Fractions to Identify Anthropogenic P Contributions & Potential ImpactsWERI TR 160Sediment, Phosphorus, Guam, Contaminant
A. Beikmann, R. Bailey, J.W. Jenson,M. Kottermair, D. Taborosi, V. Bendixson,M. Flowers,A. Jalandoni, B. Miklavic,W. Whitman2016A Modeling Study of Freshwater Resources for Selected Atolls of Yap State, FSMWERI TR 158Rainwater, Groundwater, Modeling, Yap, FSM
C.D. Wallace, R.T. Bailey, J.W. Jenson2015Atoll Island Freshwater Resources: Modeling, Analysis, and OptimizationWERI TR 155Water Resource, Freshwater, Modeling,
L.F. Heitz, S. Khosrowpanah2015Prediction of Flow Duration Curves at Ungaged Sites in GuamWERI TR 154Streamflow, GIS, Water Supply, Guam
J.D. Rouse2015Development of Environmentally Sustainable Methods for Treatment of Domestic Wastewater and Handling of Sewage Sludge on Yap IslandWERI TR 153Wastewater, Yap, Sewage Sludge
A.L. McCutcheon, L,J, Raymundo, J.W. Jenson, N.G. Prouty, M.A. Lander, R.H. Randall2015Testing the Strontium/Calcium Proxy for Sea Surface Temperature Reconstruction in the Coral Porites Lutea in Guam, MicronesiaWERI TR 152Climatology, Corals, Strontium, Calcium, Guam
P.M. Welch, P.J. Schupp, G.R.W. Denton2015Utility of the Soft Coral, Sinularia polydactyla as a Biomonitor of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Tropical Marine Waters: A Preliminary AssessmentWERI TR 151Bio monitor, PCBs, Organic Contaminant, Guam
J.H. Martinez, J.D. Rouse, Y. Wen, D.H. Rubinstein2015Management of Fat, Oil, and Grease on GuamWERI TR 159Fat, Oil, Grease, Contaminant, Guam
S. Khosrowpanah, M.A. Lander, J.D. Rouse, B. Whitman2015Assessment of Turbidity in the Geus River Watershed in Southern GuamWERI TR 156Watershed, Guam, Turbidity, Water Quality
C.A. Simard, J.W. Jenson, M.A. Lander, .R.M. Manzanilla, D.G. Superales, N.C. Habana2015Salinity in the Northern Guam Lens AquiferWERI TR 143NGLA, Groundwater, Salinity, Guam
L.F. Heitz, S. Khosrowpanah2014Improving the Pohnpei Island Water Distribution System Using Hydraulic Modeling and Geographic Information SystemsWERI TR 148Water Supply, Pohnpei, Hydraulic Modeling, GIS
D.T. Vann, V.M. Bendixson, D.F. Roff, C.A. Simard, R.M. Schumann, N.C. Habana, J.W. Jenson2014Topography of the Basement Rock beneath the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer and its Implications for Groundwater Exploration and DevelopmentWERI TR 142NGLA, Topography, groundwater, Guam
Y. Wen, D. Chambers2014Land Cover Change Detection in SaipanWERI TR 149Land Cover Change, GIS, GPS, Saipan
J.D. Rouse2013Inventory and Assessment of Existing Sewage Treatment Facilities and Excess Sludge Handling Practices in the Federated States of MicronesiaWERI TR 147Wastewater, Treatment, FSM
S. Khosrowpanah, D. Taborosi2013>Digital Atlas of Southern GuamWERI TR 145Web Development, Guam, Natural Resource
V.M. Bendixson2013The Northern Guam Lens Aquifer DatabaseWERI TR 141NGLA., Guam, Database, Well, Groundwater, Guam
S. Khosrowpanah, L.F. Heitz2013Improving the Weno, Chuuk Water Distribution System Using Hydraulic Modeling and Geographic Information SystemsWERI TR 140Hydraulic Modeling, GIS, Water Distribution, Chuuk
G.R.W. Denton, B.C. Schaible2013Utility of the Brown Alga, Padina boryana as a Biomonitor of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Tropical Marine Waters: A Preliminary InvestigationWERI TR 144PCBs, Organic Contaminant, Alga, Bio monitor, Gaum
L. Muller, J.D. Rouse, S.hahram Khosrowpanah, P.E.2013GIS-Based Screening for Cumulative and Secondary Impacts from Development Projects in Northern GuamWERI TR 146Geodatabase, GIS, Guam
L.F. Heitz, S. Khosrowpanah2012Prediction of Flow Duration Curves for Use in Hydropower Analysis at Ungaged Sites in Kosrae, FSMWERI TR 137Hydropower, Streamflow, Energy, Kosrae, FSM
Q.C. Luo, S. Khosrowpanah2012Continuing Calibration and Application of LUOM in the Southern Guam WatershedsWERI TR 131Watershed, Streamflow, GIS, Guam
S. Khosrowpanah, M. Lander, M. Golabi, S. Manibusan2012A GIS Based- Watershed Management Plan for the Piti-Asan WatershedsWERI TR 139GIS, Guam, watershed, Management, Water Supply
M. Kottermair2012 Piti-Asan Watershed Management PlanWERI TR 138Watershed, Management, Water Supply, Guam
T. Bell, J.W. Jenson, M.A. Lander, R.H. Randall, J.W. Partin, B. Hardt, J.L. Banner2011Coral and Speleothem in situ Monitoring and Geochemical Analysis: Guam, Mariana Islands, USAWERI TR 136Geology, hydrology, Climate, Coral Cores, Guam
T. Bell, T. Endo, J.W. Jenson, R.F. Bell, M.A. Lander2011Pneumatic Underwater Drill for Extracting Coral CoresWERI TR 135Coral Cores, Drill, Geochemistry, Climatology
R.T. Bailey, J.W. Jenson2011Groundwater Resources Analysis of Atoll Islands in the Federated States of Micronesia Using an Algebraic ModelWERI TR 134Water Resource, Groundwater, Hydrology, Model, Atoll
M. Kottermair, M.H. Golabi, S. Khosrowpanah, Y. Wen2011Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Badlands in Southern Guam: A Case Study of Selected SitesWERI TR 133Soil Erosion, GIS, Guam
L.F. Heitz, S. Khosrowpanah2011Development of a Geographic Information System for the Commonwealth Utility Corporation, Saipan Water Distribution SystemWERI TR 132GIS, Saipan
L.F. Heitz, S. Khosrowpanah2010Prediction of Flow Duration Curves for Use in Hydropower Analysis at Ungaged Sites in Pohnpei, FSMWERI TR 129Hydropower, Streamflow, Energy, Pohnpei, FSM
Q.C. Luo, S. Khosrowpanah2010Calibration and Application of LUOM in Southern Guam Watersheds with and without Flow DataWERI TR 128Watershed, Streamflow, GIS, Guam
S. Khosrowpanah, Y. Wen, M. Kottermair2010Spatial Distribution of Badlands in the Ugum Watershed: Characterization and Temporal AnalysisWERI TR 126Soil Erosion, Stream, Water Quality, Ugum, Guam
G.R.W. Denton, M.S. Trianni, M.C. Tenorio2010Impact of Land-Based Sources of Pollution on Coastal Water Quality of Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI): Arsenic, Mercury and PCBs in Popular Table Fish from Saipan LagoonWERI TR 130Pollution, Water Quality, Heavy Metal, Organic Contaminant, Saipan
Y. Wen, S. Khosrowpanah, L.F. Heitz2009Land Cover Assessment for Southern GuamWERI TR 125GIS, Land cover change, Guam
Y. Wen, S. Khosrowpanah, L.F. Heitz2009Watershed Land Cover Change in GuamWERI TR 124GIS, Land cover change, Guam
N. Habana, L.F. Heitz, A.E. Olsen, J.W. Jenson2009Vadose Flow Synthesis for the Northern Guam Lens AquiferWERI TR 127NGLA. Vadose Flow, Water Quality, Groundwater, Guam
L.F. Heitz, S. Khosrowpanah, M. Inglecias2008Development of Junction Water Demands for the Saipan Water Distribution System Numerical ModelWERI TR 122Water Supply, Modeling, Saipan
S. Khosrowpanah, Y. Wen, J. Jocson, D. Taborosi2008Natural Resources Atlas of Southern GuamWERI TR 116Web Development, Guam, Natural Resource
R.T. Bailey, J.W. Jenson, D. Rubinstein, A.E Olsen2008An Atoll Freshwater Lens Algebraic Model for Groundwater Management in the Caroline IslandsWERI TR 120Groundwater, Modeling, Atoll
R.T. Bailey, J.W. Jenson, D. Rubinstein, A.E Olsen2008Groundwater Resources of Atoll Islands: Observations, Modeling, and ManagementWERI TR 119Groundwater, Modeling, Atoll
G.R.W. Denton, B.G. Bearden, P. Houk, J.A. Starmer, H.R. Wood2008Heavy Metals in Biotic Representatives from the Intertidal Zone and Nearshore Waters of Tanapag Lagoon, Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)WERI TR 123Contaminant Transport, Sediment, Saipan, Heavy Metal
H.V. Wuerch, B.C. Cruz, A.E. Olsen2007Analysis of the Dynamic Response of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer to Sea Level Change and RechargeWERI TR 118NGLA, Sea Level, Recharge, Climate, Guam
S.M. Hoffman, J.W. Jenson, D.C. Moran, G.R.W. Denton, H.R. Wood, H.L. Vacher2007Background Fluorescence in Guam's Coastal WatersWERI TR 121Fluorescent Dye, Karst, groundwater flow, Guam
T.M. Keel, J.E. Mylroie, J.W. Jenson2007A Preliminary Report on the Sabana Watershed/Talakhaya Springs System Rota (Luta), CNMIWERI TR 114Mariana Islands, Rota, island karst, caves, spring, watershed, Hydrology
R.S. MacCracken, J.W. Jenson, L.F. Heitz, D.H. Rubinstein, J.E. Mylroie2007Water Resource Analysis of Fais Island, Federated States of MicronesiaWERI TR 111Rainwater, Geology, Cave, Freshwater, Fais, FSM
S. Khosrowpanah, L. F. Heitz, Y. Wen, M. Park2007Developing a GIS-Based Soil Erosion Potential Model of the UGUM WatershedWERI TR 117Guam, Ugum Watershed, Soil erosion, GIS Modeling, Rainfall, Stream flow
M.V. Krishnapillai, T. Scheidt, C. Fillme2006Qualitative Examination of Groundwater from Yap and some of its Neighboring IslandsWERI TR 115Water Quality, Groundwater, Training
G.R.W. Denton, W.C. Kelly III, H.R. Wood, y. Wen2006Impact of Metal Enriched Leachate from Ordot Dump on the Heavy Metal Status of Biotic and Abiotic Components in Pago BayWater Resource Analysis of Fais Island, Federated States of MicronesiaWERI TR 113Heavy Metal, River, Sediment, Pago Bay, Guam
D. Taborosi2006Karst Inventory of Guam Mariana IslandsWERI TR 112Karst, Cave, Spring, Guam, Mariana Islands
G.R.W. Denton, C.M. Sian-Denton, L.P. Concepcion, H.R Wood2005Nutrient Status of Tumon Bay in Relation to Intertidal Blooms of the Filamentous Green Alga, Enteromorpha ClathrataWERI TR 110Nutrient, Tumon, Green Alga, Groundwater, Guam
S. Khosrowpanah, J. Jocson2005Environmental Assessment for Non-Point Sources of Pollution for Ugum WatershedWERI TR 109Watershed, Water Quality, Ugum, Guam, Non-point Source, Sediment
G.R.W. Denton, M.H. Golabi, C. Iyekar, H.R. Wood, Y. Wen2005Mobilization of Aqueous Contaminants Leached from Ordot Landfill in Surface and Subsurface FlowsWERI TR 108Landfill, Contaminant, Leachate, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Ordot, Guam
T.M. Keel, J.E. Mylroie, J.W. Jenson2005The Caves and Karst of Rota Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana IslandsWERI TR 107Karst, Cave, Rota, Mixing dissolution, Island Karst Model
K.W. Stafford, J.E. Mylroie, J.W. Jenson2004rst Geology of Aguijan and Tinian,CNMI Cave Inventory and Structural Analysis of DevelopmentWERI TR 106Karst, Geology, Cave, Tinian, CNMI
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D. Taborosi, J.W. Jenson, J.E. Mylroie2004Karst Features of Guam,Mariana IslandsWERI TR 104Karst, Mariana Islands, Limestone, Island Karst Model
M.A. Lander2004Rainfall Climatology for Saipan: Distribution, Return-periods, El Nino, Tropical Cyclones, and Long-term VariationsWERI TR 103Rainfall Climatology, Guam
D.C. Moran, J.W. Jenson2004Dye Trace of Groundwater Flow from Guam Internation Airport and Harmon Sink to Agana Bay and Tumon Bay, GuamWERI TR 97Groundwater, Dye Trace, Harmon Sink, Guam
T.M. Keel, J.E. Mylroie, J.W. Jenson2004Preliminary Report on the Caves and Karst of ROTA (LUTA), CNMIWERI TR 105Karst, Cave, Rota, Mixing dissolution, water lens
S. Khosrowpanah, L. Heitz2003Slow Sand Filter Conceptual Design for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)WERI TR 101Sand Filter, Disease, Pohnpei Islands, FSM
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N. Scheman, S. Khosrowpanah, M. Gollabi, L. Heitz2002Identification of Erosion Processes and Sources of Exposed Patches in the LA SAFUA Watershed of Southern GuamWERI TR 99Erosion, Modeling, Sediment Loss
K.W. Stafford, J.E. Mylroie, J.W. Jenson2002Karst Geology and Hrdrology of Tinian and Rota(Luta), CNMIWERI TR 96Karst Geology, Hydrology, Tinian, Rota, CNMI
M.Q. McDonald2002Nitrate-Nitrogen Concentrations in the Northern Guam Lens and Potential Nitrogen SourcesWERI TR 95NGLA, Nitrogen, Guam
S. Khosrowpanah, L. Heitz, C.G. Beausoliel2001The Application of Slow Sand Filtration Technology for Kosrae State The Federated States of Micronesia: A Pliot ProjectWERI TR 91BSurface Water, Sand Filter, Water Quality, Kosrae, FSM
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G.R.W. Denton, B.G. Bearden, L.P. Concepcion, H.G. Siegrist, D.T. Vann, H.R. Wood2001Contaminant Assessment of Surface Sediments from Tanapag Lagoon, SaipanWERI TR 93Contaminant Transport, Sediment, Saipan, Heavy Metal, Organic Contaminant
S. Khosrowpanah, L.F. Heitz2001Rainfall Erosivity Factors (R-Factors) for Selected Islands in the Federated States of MicronesiaWERI TR 92Rainfall, FSM, Soil Erosion, Contaminant, Water Quality
D. Taborosi, S. Khosrowpanah2000Environmental Impact Statement Inarajan River Dam ProjectWERI TR 91AInarajan River, Dam, Environmental Impact, Water Supply, Guam
L.F. Heitz1999Designing Your Rainwater Catchment and Storage SystemWIB 2Rainwater Catchment, Storage, Guam
D.N Contractor, J.W. Jenson1999Simulated Effect of Vadose Infiltration on Water Levels in the Northern Guam Lens AquiferWERI TR 90NGLA , Modeling, Hydrology, Guam
J.L. Mylroie, J.W. Jenson, J.M.U. Jocson, M.A. Lander1999Karst Geology and Hrdrology of GuamWERI TR 89Karst, Geology, Hydrology, Guam
J.M.U. Jocson, J.W. Jenson, D.N. Contractor1999Numerical Modeling and Field Investigation of Infiltration, Recharge, and Discharge in the Northern Guam Lens AquiferWERI TR 88Modeling, NGLA, Recharge, Discharge,
G.R.W. Denton, L.P. Concepcion, H.R. Wood1999Heavy Metals, PCBs, and PAHs in Marine Organisms from Four Harbor Locations on GuamWERI TR 87Heavy Metal, Organic Contaminant, Harbor, Guam
C. Guard, M.P. Hamnett, C.J. Neumann, M.A. Lander, H.G. Siegrist1999Typhoon Vulnerbility Study for GuamWERI TR 85Typhoon, Meteorology, Guam
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H.G. Siegrist Jr, R.R. Lewis, J.M. Jocson1998Seismic Hazard Vulnerability on GuamWERI TR 77Seismic, Guam
G.R.W. Denton, H.R. Wood1998Mobility and Persistence of Modern Day Pesticides in Soil Used to Construct the Fairways of the Guam International Country Club Golf CourseWERI TR 82Pesticide, Soil, Golf Course, Contaminant, Guam
G.R.W. Denton, H.R. Wood, L.P. Concepcion, H.G. Siegrist1997Analysis of In-Place Contaminants in Marine Sediments from Four Harbor Locations on GuamWERI TR 81Sediment, Harbor, Contaminant Transport, Guam
L. Heitz, s. Khosrowpanah, J. Nelson1997Sizing of Surface Water Runoff Detention PondsWERI TR 80Runoff, Surface Water, Stormwater, Rainfall,
P.G. Dumalaing , L.C. Guzman, J.M. Jocson, R.R. Lewis, D.C. Moran, J.F. Salas, H.G. Siegrist 1997Reconnaissance Geology of a Proposed Dam/Reservoir Site in Southern GuamWERI TR 78Geology, Dam, Reservoir, Guam
H.G. Siegrist Jr, G.R.W. Denton, H.R. Wood, L. Concepcion, R.R. Lewis1997Aqueous Chemistry of a Perennial Wetland in Southern GuamWERI TR 79Wetland, Aqueous Chemistry, Sediment, Porewater, Guam
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R.N. Clayshulte1984Limited Current and Bathymetric Surveys at the Marine Outfall in Lelu Harbor and Reconnaissance Surveys of Effluent Disposal Sites at Malem and Utwe, KosraeWERI TR 55Wastewater, Marine Water Circulation, Harbor, Kosrae, Utwe, Malem
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