An organized collection of scientific and engineering literature, consultant reports, maps, history, and technical reports pertinent to Guam’s environment and water resources.
GHS Library is organized into 6 sections. Select a button below to access a particular section.


A sortable and searchable collection of publicly available reports.

Maps & Posters

A collection of scanned maps and posters from historical archives.


A collection of presentation files from workshops, meetings, and conferences.

Interagency Maps

A collection of maps from agencies within the local and federal government.


Photos and videos from the field. Coming soon.

Publications & Journals

An internal use resource (password protected).

Recommended Sites

Connect and explore pertinent hydrologic information (e.g., literature, maps, reports, and points of contact) from your friendly GWRDG network. 

Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA)
Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans (GBSP)
Guam Visitor's Bureau (GVB)
COMING SOON: GWRDG | TWG - Consultant Sites

Links to these resources are under construction. Please check again later.