An organized collection of scientific and engineering literature, consultant reports, maps, history, and technical reports pertinent to Guam’s environment and water resources.

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Also, recommended GWRDG network sites are listed below.


Recommended Sites

Connect and explore pertinent hydrologic information (literature, maps, reports, contact) from your friendly GWRDG network.

It’s All About Guam     Government of Guam      Guam Consolidated Commission on Utilities

Water Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific (WERI), University of Guam (UOG)     UOG President     WERI Director     WERI Faculty

Guam Waterworks Authority (GWA)     General Manager     Contact

Guam Environmental Protection Agency     Administrator     Contact

Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans

Guam Visitor’s Bureau

US Geological Survey Pacific Islands Water Science Center

US Navy (NAVFAC Marianas) and US Air Force ()

GWRDG|TWG – Consultant Sites (soon)