GHS Team

Guam Hydrologic Survey Team

GHS Team Graphic

Dr. Blaž

Operations Manager

Dannika Kate

Online Information Manager

Mary Clare

Digital Assistant

Matt Wilson Zapata

Digital Assistant

Dr. Yuming Wen

WERI Interim Director

Dr. Nathan C. Habana

Operations Manager (2016-2022) Information Manager (2016-2022)

Past Contributors

Kaylyn K. Bautista

GHS Product Development & Comprehensive Water Monitoring Program | Monitoring System Expansion Rehabilitation Program (MSERP)
M.S. Environmental Science (received the Presidential Thesis Award), University of Guam
WERI, University of Guam

Ms. Bautista works with the WERI Director to organize information for reports and presentations. She assists in observation well field data collection and for the preparation of the seven new deep observation wells to be installed in military property, MSERP. She is also involved in the map analysis of the Guam coastal discharge project for NASA.

Glen Aguilar

GHS Web Developer
B.S. Chemistry, University of Guam
WERI, University of Guam

Matt Ziobro

GHS Web Developer
WERI, University of Guam

Barry (Yong Sang) Kim, PhD

Co-Operations Manager
PhD, Civil Engineering, Purdue University
Assistant Professor of Water Engineering, WERI, University of Guam

Dr. Kim was the GHS Program’s Research Affiliate at WERI. In transition to WERI Faculty, Dr. Kim continues to advise in the GHS operations. His on-going research projects are the lessons learned in the well rehabilitation, Guam’s Water-Use Data Research (WUDR) Program (USGS), and investigation of PFAS sources.

Ross H. Miller, PhD

WERI Interim Director | 2022 – 2023

John W. Jenson, PhD

WERI Director | 2016 – 2022