Borehole Database (BHDB)

The Northern Guam Lens Aquifer (NGLA) Database

Vivianna B. Bendixson, 2013, WERI UOG

WERI Technical Report 141 is the first report of the hydrogeologic studies trilogy in support of a USGS groundwater model of the NGLA. It describes the content and organization of the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer Database, a comprehensive centralized database containing information on custodianship, function, operational status, and the geographical, hydrological, engineering, and geological attributes of each ground drillings and installed wells in northern Guam for which records could be found.

The careful examination of drill logs organized in this database were used in determining the Basement Topography beneath the NGLA (TR 141), updating Mink’s earlier efforts, improving the mapping of groundwater, and suggesting delineation of manageable basin boundaries.  Bendixson’s database concept was expanded to include the organization of production well salinity trends (TR 143, in revision).

A limited second edition was soon distributed with access to the digital product.  It included a CD for accessing the database information.  Now, this database is online.

BHDB on Google Maps