WERI GHS and CWMP Program Management Organization

GHS Program
GHS program management diagram

WERI organizes and integrates the GHS and CWMP programs to manage and execute the public law. Below is the WERI personnel organizational chart and each’s duties and responsibilities. The top tier management are WERI hydrogeologist, groundwater hydrologist, and meteorologist. The WERI groundwater hydrologist is the program manager. The research associate reports to the program manager, and is supported by a CWMP student intern.

Groundwater Resources Development Group and Technical Experts Group

WERI is also a member of the local water resource interagency organization called the Technical Experts Group (TEG) and the Groundwater Resource Development Group (GWRDG). The GHS and CWMP mandate requires interagency collaboration and cooperation, as written, “establish a direct working relationship with each organization collecting hydrologic data important to Guam, and maintain a permanent flow of new data from each organization to keep the data library up to date.” Attending local government and federal agencies are Guam Waterworks Authority, Guam Environmental Protection Agency, CUC, US Navy (NAVFAC, Marianas), USAF (CES), and USGS. Our interagency groups also include private consultants: Duenas Camacho and Associates, Allied Pacific Environmental Consultant (APEC), EA Engineering, Brown and Caldwell, and AECOM. Meetings are organized and held quarterly at Guam Waterworks Authority (Gloria B. Nelson Public Service Building), Fadian. Current discussion is the expansion of monitoring (observation) wells, see details in CWMP Research Projects section.

The interagency group is organized in the diagram below. It is formed of three groups: executive, working, working group, and the technical team.